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We have gone through these 20 years together!

We have gone through these 20 years together!

2001 / 年

Founded in 2001

5000 / 万

50 million yuan

118 / 人

118 people

100 +



Jiujiang Grain and Oil Machinery Factory (Co., Ltd.) was founded in 1958. It is a designated production of bucket elevators, air cushion belt conveyors, and various mobile belt conveyors by the former Ministry of Trade. The conveying efficiency has reached 1000T/H. A single terminal air cushion machine is 506 meters long. It is a large second-sized enterprise with dust removal and cleaning, gate (valve) mechanical equipment manufacturing, and mechanical and electrical engineering installation general contracting.

After nearly half a century of development, Jiujiang Grain and Oil Machinery Factory (Co., Ltd.) integrates design, manufacturing, installation and commissioning, electrical control and after-sales service. It provides high-quality process equipment for large customers in the fields of material transportation, port and terminal storage and processing. , Technical consulting and high-quality after-sales service national high-tech enterprise.


1. Engineering experience

Jiujiang Grain and Oil Machinery Factory (Co., Ltd.) attaches great importance to providing customers with high-quality products and long-term services. The company has rich experience, excellent technology, 9 engineering designers, electrical control engineers, fitters, mechanics, cold-worked sheet metal workers, electricians, and welders. After the team’s full cooperation and fine workmanship, so far, the Central Reserve Grain Ulanhot Direct Depot, Tianjin Modern Logistics Park, Jiangxi Jinjia Grain Co., Ltd., Shanxi Jinliang Logistics Co., Ltd., Fuzhou Matsushita Wharf Modern Logistics Park terminal and storage have been completed so far. Several MEC projects were successfully put into use. At the same time, there are more than 400,000 sets of the company's production, manufacturing, installation and debugging equipment, which are used in all walks of life across the country, and exported to dozens of countries in Southeast Asia, Africa, etc., and have been well received by users. The MEC project of Hunan Grain Group Co., Ltd. Train Unloading Grain Distribution and Temporary Storage is currently being installed.


2. Engineering technology

Each piece of equipment produced by Jiujiang Grain and Oil Machinery Factory (Co., Ltd.) is designed and manufactured according to specific conditions of use and according to customer requirements. Engineering designers use the new version of the software computer-aided design system to draw production drawings. Customers of Grain and Oil Machinery Factory (Co., Ltd.) can receive drawings and process layouts by e-mail to ensure quick browsing. Automation has further extended to computer-aided manufacturing, CNC stamping, automatic cutting and welding to ensure the height of equipment connection parts Precision. Jiujiang Grain and Oil Machinery Factory (Co., Ltd.) adopted a new type of spraying system nationwide in 1998. The system includes cleaning, sandblasting and rust removal, and internal and external high-pressure gravity spraying. The surface treatment is highly praised by users.


3. Manufacturing capacity

The purpose of Jiujiang Grain and Oil Machinery Factory (Co., Ltd.) is to produce high-quality, reliable equipment, more than 300 sets (sets) of dynamic and static equipment, 16,000 square meters of production workshops, and 248 employees, including engineering technology. There are more than 30 employees, including 9 with high-tech titles, 38 with intermediate technical titles, 15 workers with high-tech titles, and 121 technicians with strong technical force. The organization consists of Jiujiang City Electromechanical Engineering Technology Center, Sales and Operation Department, Technology Department, After-sales Service Department, Production Department, Quality Inspection Department, Supply Department, Finance Department, etc. There are seven production workshops and production branches: mainly blanking workshops , Sheet metal manufacturing workshop, assembly workshop, surface treatment workshop, mechanical processing workshop, forging heat treatment branch, and accessory processing branch. Can produce various types of general equipment. The conveying and dust removal machinery and equipment produced by our factory are at a high level in the domestic industry in terms of varieties, specifications, technical levels, performance characteristics, conveying capacity and product batches, and meet the greatest extent possible in all walks of life. Customer demand.


In order to better participate in market competition, continuously improve product quality, and get in line with conventions as soon as possible, through the joint efforts of all our employees, our factory has passed the ISO9002: 1994 quality certification system certification in 2001 and converted to the ISO9001: 2000 version in 2004. . It has been upgraded to ISO9001.2008. The management level and product quality have made great progress, and we are working hard to establish a modern enterprise management system. We use products to prove our strength, and excellent turnkey projects to show our image.


Jiujiang Grain and Oil Machinery Factory (Co., Ltd.) is located in the economic development zone of Jiujiang City at the intersection of the Wanli Yangtze River and the Golden Cross of the Golden Longlong Beijing-Kowloon Line. Our new processing plant is living under the second Yangtze River Bridge that opened to traffic on the 28th of this month. Jiujiang City is one of the top ten charming cities in the country. The Jiuqu River runs from west to east, and the Beijing-Kowloon Railway connects from south to north. It is located at the northern foot of Mount Lushan, a tourist summer resort. The geographical location is very superior and the economic development potential is huge. We serve the majority of users in line with the tenet of "realistic innovation, pioneering and enterprising, and honesty first".



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Jiujiang Grain and Oil Machinery Factory (Co., Ltd.)

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